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Mobilization of the Super High-Resolution MC2D survey in the Hoop area, Barents Sea

On the 5th of June, MCG and Exploro mobilized Gardline's Polar Surveyor for the Super High-Resolution MC2D survey in the Hoop area in the Norwegian Barents Sea.

MCG sponsor four year Postdoctoral project at NTNU

Researcher Kamaldeen Omosanya (to the left), previously at Cardiff University and University of Leeds, will conduct a Postdoctoral study at Institute of Petroleum Technology and Applied Geohysics, NTNU in Trondheim between 2014-17 using MCG's present Barents Sea database of 38,000 km seismic. The project will be supervised by NTNU Professor Ståle Johansen...

MCG offers high quality MC2D data in the APA2014 areas

MCG would like to draw particular attention to the newly added blocks in the western part of the Barents Sea APA2014 area. Brand new MC2D data covering this area was acquired and broadband processed in 2013 (MCG1301). This modern dataset in a 4km x 4 km grid provides a consistent grid for defining prospects.

First quarter 2014 results and webcast

The Board of Directors has approved the consolidated financial statements for the first quarter of 2014. The financial report is available here.

New extension of the Barents Well Tie

MultiClient Geophysical (MCG) is pleased to announce an extension of the multi-client 2D (MC2D) Barents Well Tie towards the east into the newly opened Barents South East (former Disputes Zone between Norway and Russia). 

Super High-Resolution multi-client 2D seismic survey in the Hoop area, Barents Sea

MCG will conduct a Super High-Resolution multi-client 2D (MC2D) seismic survey in the Hoop area, Barents Sea. The survey will provide oil companies with critical, detailed information for the prospect evaluations of the shallow Jurassic and Triassic prospects. The Super High-Resolution survey is approximately 5600 km, and covers most of the blocks included...

MCG gives back

MCG has decided to give a helping hand to the non-profit organization Streetlight in the Philippines. Streetlight runs a center with an orphanage for 25 children, a school with about 100 students and offer medical aid to children in the city of Tacloban. During the typhoon in the Philippines on 8 November, Streetlight’s center was razed. All the children...