Reprocessing of Barents Sea West

09 November 2015

MCG’s Barents Sea West surveys will be merged into a new modern contiguous and coherent 32,000km dataset:

  • MCG0901 – 3,501 km
  • MCG1001 – 2,848 km
  • MCG1101 – 8,587 km
  • MCG1201 – 5,378 km
  • MCG1301 – 8,639 km
  • MCG1302 – 3,360 km

Processing company: 



September 2015 – March 2016

Scope of work:

  • Broadband flow extending bandwidth on low and high ends, with key data driven de-ghosting
  • No resampling, processing at 2ms throughout preprocessing
  • No trace sum
  • Inversion based linear noise removal
  • Very thorough pre-stack imaging and post-stack processing sequence

MPE (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy) has suggested to expand the APA (Award in Predefined Areas) area in the Barents Sea. The suggested expansion is covering 29 blocks of which 17 blocks are open for licensing. The map below shows the new suggested APA2016 expansion and the MCG Prospect grid data.

Please note that the above reprocessed images are preliminary examples as per November 2015.

For the full story and more information please contact us

Lars Ivar Leivestad

Tor Åkermoen